Friday, November 23, 2018

7 Most Common Errors in Microsoft Access and Their Solution

Microsoft Access is one of the most precise data-management tool, which is loaded with exclusive features and high-class performance. But at many point of times users face technical troubles, which can cause discomfort to users.
Call upon Microsoft Support Number and avail instant solution to all errors occur with MS Access, or below given information can help to a great extent.

Some of the most common issue with Microsoft Access and its solution:

MS access is used worldwide by both home as well official users, but users often face misfortune of technical halts, which can be resolved with adequate information and skillset. MS access makes it simple to manage and sort database. Though it’s loaded with various advantages it is important for users to understand what difficulties they can face and how it can be resolved.

Problem 1: Unrecognized database format “xxx.mdb” (error 3049)

Cause: If you have any issue which occur due to software or hardware issues, the error 3049 can be caused due to corrupted page inside MDB/ACCDB file which causes “unrecognized database format”.

Problem 2: Cannot sort groups on fields selected with “*” . due to (Error 3121)
Reason: This error mostly arise due to the query which includes Min, Max, and Sum functions without adjusting the settings of Output All Fields as “No”

Problem 3: Microsoft jet engine cannot open a specific file “error 3011”
The partial installation of MS access application, or any improper adjustment in the Windows registry, software –up gradation or other issue can be the possible reason.

Problems 4: Records can’t be read: no read permission on “MySysAccessObjects” (error 3112)

Causes: Two cause can lead you to this issue, namely:
  • The user doesn’t have the permission to tables of MS acces
  • MS Access cannot determine whether you have the permission to read the data.
Problems 5: Isn’t a database file or data base is need to be repaired:

Reason: If your account of Access has been corrupted or jet engine fails to recognize the structure as well as definition of the table, this issue can damage the entire database.

Problem 6: Error 80004005 “Operation must be an updatable query”
While trying to sync data with Access, this error occur if tables lack in “primary key”

Problem 7: If the query size is much larger than that of the database size, and there is no sufficient space available on the disk to execute the query report, this issue can occur.

The instant solution to all these issues:

If you are facing any issue while using Microsoft Access, one can call the Microsoft Tech Support Number for immediate solution. There techies have the advanced way to deal with issues, so any sort of issue can be resolved in no time.

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